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Give Your Home a Facelift


When you are planning renovations for your home, you want to add a touch of class. You don’t need to have a fortune to upgrade your living space. Invite luxury to walk through your door by doing a home makeover that is the envy of all others. With a creative spark from the experts and your own vision, you can have the home you’ve always wanted. Begin with inspiration, find a team of builders who can help you to put your plans into action, and watch the transformation happen.

Try Experimenting with Patterns
Choose a relatively small area in your home when you want to explore your options with patterns. It’s best to choose two colours, whether you opt for black and white or bold contrasts. The bathroom could be the perfect playground for a variation in patterns. A diamond tile on the floor and stripes on the walls can create a dramatic effect that takes your breath away.

Consider a Splash of Colour for Your Kitchen
The kitchen tends to be a space where the paint scheme is understated. You can really make your cabinets pop when you choose dazzling hues that draw the eye. Try crimson or hunter green and complement your space with attractive accents to complete the look.

Take a Walk on the Sophisticated Side
If you have a home office, study or den that is lined with book shelves, consider going with black. Add light fixtures and wall hangings to break up the dark hue and enjoy the luxurious effect. Whether you let the light of day or your lamps provide lighting, that warm glow against the black backdrop can be dazzling.

Give Bedrooms their Due
The bedroom is a practical space that is often overlooked. You can add a breath of fresh air to this essential area in your home by going with white as the primary colour. Spice it up with a decorative pattern that covers a chair and throw pillows, making sure that they match. You’ll draw the eye and add comfort as well.

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DIY Landscaping Tips


Landscaping design and choosing the most appropriate plants for the job can truly be an art, but you don’t have to be a genius to have the best-looking landscape on the block. Follow these tips to choose the most luxurious plants for a fetching garden design.

Hardiness Zone

Always choose healthy plants for your specific hardiness zone. Buying plants according to your zone helps to assure you’re buying plants that can thrive in your location.


Get to know the sunny and shady spots in your yard where you’re planning a garden design. Check the area a few times a day to see how much sun it receives or if it gets partial sun or remains in the shade. This information is just what you need to know before selecting garden plants.

When purchasing new high end plants, check the attached tags for planting descriptions indicating light requirements such as full sun, partial sun or shade.

Soil Conditions

Once you’ve established the best locations for plants, you need to determine your soil type. Soil that’s filled with sand generally drains quickly, and soil that contains large quantities of clay typically drains slowly.

You can easily improve soil drainage by adding a touch of soil amendments. Check the plant labels when purchasing to see recommended soil conditions.

Plant Sizes

Choosing the size, width and height can be critical when planning your landscaping design. Before making plant selections for landscaping, you should research each plant type to learn about its characteristics so plants are properly spaced for optimum growth and appearance.

Colour and Texture

Colours and textures are two important attributes to consider when selecting plants. Consider just how much colour you need and whether you’re looking for plants that offer nice contrasting colours. Heavily textured plants often compliment other plants with varying shades of green foliage.

Professionals typically plant flowers by colour in groups of 3’s or 5’s to add just the right amount of colour to keep the landscaping design exciting and vibrant!

Once you know your hardiness zone, soil conditions and identify the sunny and shady spots in your yard, you’re ready to look at a variety of plant options for great looking landscaping.


Shower Yourself with Possibilities

shower with patterned tile

When upgrading the primary shower in your home, there are plenty of factors that must be considered in order to efficiently move towards a successful finish. Making the most out of any renovation demands looking at the project as a whole from every angle beforehand so that you go into the project with a clear head and a complete creative picture in your mind. From the aesthetic details of the materials to the type of water flow you can expect out of the newly-installed head, the details certainly count. You do not necessarily have to replicate everything you see in a magazine or in the pages of an online catalog. However, there are some definitive elements from high-end showers that help to guide your project to a stunning finish.

The first step is to ensure that all the hardware is top, working condition. Any leaking shower heads should be replaced or addressed, and any minor imperfections in the tile that will remain in place should be given the proper attention. Of course, the years of stains and buildup in the shower should be remedied through shower regrouting so that you have a clean slate with which to work.

Moving forward, consider your stylistic options. Tile does not have to be small and of the beige persuasion. Explore large tile that embraces pattern or opt for deeply-colored stone. In addition to being easier to clean, contemporary tile tends to offer greater durability and a greater resistance to staining as well. A must for any new shower reaching high levels of sophistication is some kind of transparent door. Glass and etched pieces that either slide or swing open certainly add a sense of opulence and class that goes above and beyond the shower curtains from your past.

Do not shy away from lighting in this new-found sanctuary of the home. In-tile installations or sunken illumination can provide a completely unique feeling of luxury when stepping into your home’s shower. While it does not have to be a central element, lighting in your shower can be viewed as another tool for enhancing the sense of relaxation that this area of the home should always provide.

More Luxury Homeowners Hiring Professional Landscapers to Save Time

luxury home nice lawn

Let’s face it, the exterior of your home is going to be the first thing people see whether they are coming by for a visit to your luxury high end home or they are just passing by on the street. You could invest tons of money on decorating and painting the inside or spend hours renovating the interior, but nothing is quite as important or appealing than what your home looks like outside. This is why it is an absolute necessity that you put some type of time and effort into your home’s landscaping and garden design.

One of the major problems that you might have as a homeowner is that you just don’t have the extra time to spend outside of the home working on the lawn and garden. You work and you like to spend your time off with your loved ones, and this is something that many people are beginning to do without giving up the beauty of their lawns. More high end luxury homeowners are choosing to hire professionals to do the landscaping design for them so that they have extra time to spend doing more important things. You don’t have to spend hours outside on your days off, but you’re also not giving up on the curb appeal and aesthetic beauty that comes with having a gorgeous lawn and beautiful landscape design that people can admire.

Professional landscaping companies come by your home on a schedule, ensuring that your lawn is well taken care of regularly and routinely. This also means that you’ll never have points in time when your grass grows too high and looks unruly or plants and shrubs die because they are not being cared for. Hiring a professional landscaping company might be the ideal option for you if your lawn has been put on the back burner because you just don’t have the time to do it yourself. Because there are probably many different landscape companies available in your area, it is important to gather some names and telephone numbers to decide which one is the right choice for your own home’s needs.

The True Importance of Great Interior Design for Your Home

clean design bedroom

You could spend lots of money and energy on renovating your luxury home, but it just won’t look its best if you don’t put just as much effort into its interior design. The interior design of your home is really what will make it pop and stand out from the rest. This type of design work basically includes colour schemes, painting, decorating and similar projects. All of these things can easily benefit your home and make it look more beautiful. If you’re going to be selling the house sometime in the near future, choosing to design the interior can even help to increase the home’s value and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

The key with interior design is to stick to a budget and to realise that you need to go with a common theme or colour scheme for each room on its own. Don’t overdo the design as well, meaning that you don’t want to clutter the rooms with decorations and wall hangings that take away from the simplicity of the look you’re trying to achieve. If you feel that decorating the interior of your home is too much for you or you don’t have a great eye for colour, you may want to think about hiring an interior designer who can do the project for you. While they will charge for their services, many luxury homeowners have found that hiring a professional saves them time and enables them to truly have the home of their dreams.

Decorating the inside of a home and trying to come up with a simple but beautiful look can easily be confusing and daunting for many homeowners. The important of great interior design is easy to see, but it is just as important to realise when and if you can do the job on your own. Many homeowners have had fantastic luck with hiring out professional designers who are able to do the work for them, so this is definitely something that you might want to think about for yourself if you feel you do not have the time or skills needed to design your home’s interior.

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The Current Wave of Office Fitouts Shrink as They Grow

By: Marcin Wichary

Office fitouts have been part of the work environment since the 1970s. The appearance of cubicles to create partitions combined a more open workspace while establishing a sense of privacy. As today’s modern technology keeps getting smaller in size, the need to accommodate devices has practically been eliminated. Whether it is in the home or out in the commercial realm, office space has morphed into an open area that has cut down on the need for expanded floor space and reduced the need for partitions and most of the furniture.

Less Form and More Function

With the pocket-sized accessibility everyone has embraced across the globe, this tech-savvy world of connecting with one another has blurred the lines between business and personal correspondence.

Let’s take a look at how the traditional office has changed in just a few short decades from the original idea of telecommuting:

  • Mobile laptops have limited the need for the dedicated space of desktop computers.
  • Cell phones have all but replaced land lines making access to personnel possible where ever they can receive a signal.
  • With cloud computing and digitisation the go-to method of documentation, greener pastures means significant paper reduction, if not complete elimination of paper files and all related printed materials.
  • Eliminating the need for extra file cabinets means there is far less need for the sizeable floor space typically occupied.

Such Transition is in Our Genes

While change is the constant that tends to meet the most resistance, when so many people adopt the methods of modern devices and communication, it is a natural progression to see the office fitouts complying with the need, or lack thereof. Following the example of tech companies that defer to the open office environment, more employers have realised tremendous overhead savings by reducing the square footage required to facilitate their work spaces.

Two surprising results occurring in this more communal work environment are:

1. Employees have not jumped ship in their resistance to such radical change, and
2. The noise levels went down, not up, as the walls and partitions came down.

There are distinctive generational differences where baby boomers are still attached to their classic sense of separation while Gen X and Millennials find the open-air office as liberating as it is bonding.

Overall, as the conventional office goes, so does the home office. Expect to see designers deferring to this trend in commercial fitouts making use of the most compact spaces as more people are able to work from home.

The Art of Beefing up Your Home’s Security

By: David Goehring

Your house is one of your most important assets. When an intruder enters your home, it will make your family feel violated and vulnerable. For this reason, it is important to get your entire family involved in the art of beefing up your home’s security. With your family more aware as to what constitutes a secure home, it will be easier to avoid the problem of intruders invading your personal dwelling space.

Getting an Alarm System

ASA.ie say house alarms are a central pillar of beefing up the security measures around your home. Anything that makes a lot of noise is particularly troubling to most intruders. Remember, if at all possible, an intruder wants to operate under the cloak of silence. The more noise drawing attention to what they are doing will typically foil an intruder’s plans. House alarms that introduce multiple opportunities for noise to be made increase the chances that someone will notice that an intruder is making an attempt to break in to your home. Whether it is doors that beep when opened or the alarm going off itself, a loud noise emerging from your home will let the entire neighborhood know something is afoot.

Making Even More Noise

Since noise is such a useful deterrent to put an intruder on edge, it never hurts to extend the noise option on multiple levels. Whether it is sensor lights that create a loud audible beep or a dog that barks its head off from behind the front door, an intruder will have second thoughts when exposed by noise both inside and outside your home. By the time the intruder gets to a window or door, the noise is enough to wake the entire family.

A Pain in the Window

When it comes to house security that makes sense, you must consider that the windows of your home are going to typically be one of the weak points of access. At a minimum, each exterior window of your home needs a double pain setup. In the event that the outer pain is breached, this means that an intruder must break a second layer of glass to gain access to your home. Aside from making tons of noise doing this, the intruder must also risk getting cut crawling through two layers of broken glass. If there happens to be a secure metal grate between the two layers of glass, the intruder is going to have to waste time cutting through this barrier. By that time, not only will your family have time to call the police, but they will be able to arm themselves as well in preparation for the intruder’s advances. The idea is not only to expose the intruder, but also to give your family time to react in an intelligent way to the efforts of an intruder.